Monday, April 11, 2011

Penguin receives prosthetic beak, can now eat on own

Every once in a while, a feel-good story surfaces, one worthy of passing along to friends, family and every animal lover you know. This is one of them.

Tungo is a 5-month-old Magellan penguin, which was found ailing on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Its top beak was broken off by a boat propeller, rending it unable to eat without human help.

Enter veterinarian Marco Janackovic, who built a prosthetic beak and attached it to the helpless penguin. Take a moment and meet Tungo, which can now happily chow down on sardines, or whatever it is that Magellan penguins eat.

Tungo's story, courtesy of UZoo, is right this way (Note: You can skip the ad)...

How sweet is that? Tungo will soon be frolicking around an artificial pond with all his buddies in a breeding center in California. Hmmm. Well, we think this is a feel-good story. Unless you're an animal lover who doesn't like to see wildlife caged up.

In that case, think of it this way: Tungo will be given three meals a day, will be able to do what penguins do, and will be safe from any more boat propellers.

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