Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fisherman finds hand grenade on a river bank

A fisherman in Wichita was searching for fishing lures along the banks of the Arkansas River when he saw a silver ring sticking out of the mud, or at least this is how we envision the story unfolding.

Fortunately for the fisherman, he didn't reach down and pull the ring.

Because it wasn't a fishing lure.

It was a hand grenade! Yeah, like that one on the right (we suppose).

The silver ring sticking out of the mud was attached to a military-grade hand grenade.

Where the small explosive came from or how long it had been in the mud before the fisherman found it Sunday afternoon remains unknown, according to the Associated Press.

KFDI-FM reported that the fisherman contacted police, which in turn contacted McConnell Air Force Base about handling the device.

Ultimately, the bomb squad retrieved the grenade and disposed of it at a bomb range.

Might this be further proof that there really are unethical fishermen using explosives while fishing? You don't believe so? Then check this out.

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