Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowboarder jumps over moving train near Lake Tahoe

Back in the day, seems it was only daredevil Evel Knievel acting crazy and jumping over things, doing so while riding a motorcycle. Cars, buses, fountains, canyons -- some jumps were successful, some went splat.

Nowadays, all kinds of extreme and action sports enthusiasts are jumping over everything. For instance, there was kite surfer Jake Scrace jumping over a pier and some BMXer jumping over a moving ramp (which didn’t turn out so good).

So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that the latest to achieve Internet attention is a snowboarder who jumped over a moving train. Yes, a moving train. Why not?

Actually, it’s been done before -- 20 years ago by Temple Cummins and Andy Hetzel. The latest achievement was by snowboarder Trevor Jacob, who provides 1 minute, 17 seconds of YouTube entertainment by jumping the “legendary train gap” near Lake Tahoe. Enjoy...

Sweet. But next time, how about a Board Slide off the roof of the boxcar?

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  1. This is stupidity at the utmost! These clowns are lucky they didn't strike the top of the train and fall in between two of the cars. Even if they were to survive such an accident, they would have come out of it with amputated limbs! Idiots!!!!!

  2. O great Darwin, visit thy wrath upon the stupid before they can procreate. Amen

  3. I'm hopeful that the UPRR police will follow up and have them arrested for tresspassing. If the fool had died you can bet his estate would be sueing the rr for negligence!!

  4. Very foolish!! I hope the UPRR has them arrested for tresspassing as if the fool had died you can bet his estate would be sueing the rr for " negligence".

  5. I think Jackass pretty much covers it. Not to mention they don't even know where they are. They are close to Donner Lake and not that close to Lake Tahoe. Train crews hate this kind of stuff because if they hit them they to sit there and wait for the Coroner to show up before they can leave.

  6. Not impressive. Try doing it from the head end to the rear end of the train rather than across the top. If you make it, that would be REALLY impressive. On the other hand, if you didn't make it (most likely), that would be fewer idiots to bother the mental frame of mind of the railroaders involved. You are clearly self-centered individuals who do not think of the others involved in your pranks.

  7. what? he do that? I hope his ok. Its very dangerous, but he overcome this. Very brave.


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