Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shark encounter caught on video is nothing to get excited about

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The urgency in the children's voices might suggest a shark attack is about to occur, yet there really was nothing to get excited about.

Yes, a shark was swimming toward a kayaker in front of a line of fishermen along a pier in Panama City Beach, Fla.

Yes, the shark was huge, its length much longer than the 14-foot kayak.

But the kayaker was in no danger. That menacing-looking shark was a harmless, plankton-eating basking shark, though one wonders if the kayaker knew it was harmless. What's certain is, the kids were sure eager to point it out to him.

"It's coming toward you!" you hear kids on the below video yell to the kayaker.

"Where?" the kayaker replies.

"Look down!" they answer.

Yes, look down, and click...

One thing the video does suggest is Capt. Linda Cavitt's lack of faith in the local police to watch her fishing rods, which she left unattended while videotaping this shark encounter.

Meanwhile, the kayaker appears unfazed by the basking shark, very much unlike this kayaker.

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  1. I'm sorry you didnt enjoy the I dont have a lack of faith in our police, they do a fantastic job, but I asked them to watch my rods in the middle of spring break(Burger king video) and I'm certain they had more important things to do then watch my fishing gear.


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