Monday, March 21, 2011

Nature: Horsetail Fall of Yosemite provides flaming pictures

Nature is always at work, creating unsurpassed beauty and/or fascination on a regular basis. Whether it's a solar eclipse, the Leonid meteor shower, the Aurora BorealisAsperatus cloud formations or simply sunsets, natural phenomena are never-ending.

Famous photographer Ansel Adams often captured the resplendence of nature in black and white photos, and often his subject was Yosemite National Park.

But one particular photo he took at Yosemite in the 1930s just doesn't resonate in black and white, sorry to say. The photo he called El Capital Fall really needs color to capture its essence. A "thin ribbon of water just glowing with neon orange" just doesn't translate in black and white. You see, this isn't any ordinary waterfall. This is a flaming waterfall.

When nature delivers, it's an amazing scene. It only happens in February, and only when there's enough water going over the falls, and only when the light is right with no clouds or fog.

Each February, nature photographers enjoy a two-week window for capturing the firefall of Horsetail Fall, a 2,000-foot waterfall on El Capitan which glows like lava flowing from a volcano when conditions are right.

Earlier this month, Yosemite National Park posted an eight-minute video about Horsetail Fall. It's well worth a look:

If you just want to see how Horsetail Fall glows, and how the setting sun paints a perfect picture of nature, take a look at this video:

Now, having watched the second video, move the video's cursor to the far left and drag it slowly to the right. Then you'll see exactly how the setting sun paints this picture. Fascinating.

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