Monday, March 7, 2011

Fishing trip, visit with President Carter is worth how much?

Article by Dave Strege first published as Fly-Fishing Fantasy: Bidder wins Trip and Visit with President Jimmy Carter on Technorati.

Photo from UPI

How much would a fly-fishing trip that includes cocktails, dinner and lunch with President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn be worth?

Oh, around $70,000.

That was the winning bid in a silent auction for a "Fly Fishing Fantasy" weekend at Brigadoon Lodge in the North Georgia mountains Oct. 14-15 (transportation not included). The annual auction featuring a variety of cool collectibles/trips benefits The Carter Center, an awesome organization doing great things throughout the world.

In all likelihood, the fishing fantasy would have been worth far more had the plan been for Jimmy Carter to actually join the fishermen on the river. (Up to eight are allowed on the two-day trip.)

Of course, if the bidder and his buds are purists when it comes to fly-fishing, they probably wouldn't want Carter along if he looked like he does in the above photo. Really, Mr. President, tennis shoes and Levi's while fly-fishing?

Thanks, Washington Post!  

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