Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crescent City tsunami: Dramatic time-lapse video of surge, fishing boat

A tsunami triggered by the massive, 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan caused widespread destruction of Crescent City Harbor on Friday, and one witness videotaped the surge from the harbor mouth.

"The harbor has been destroyed," Crescent City Councilman Rich Enea told the Eureka Times-Standard. "Thirty-five boats have been crushed and the harbor has major damage. Major damage."

A sheriff spokesman told the paper that most of the docks at the harbor are gone.

In this time-lapse video, you can see one fishing boat get dislodged around the 2:10 mark and drift toward the harbor mouth with part of the dock still attached to its side. At first glance you think a fisherman is simply heading out to sea before being turned away by the surge.

The person posted the video on YouTube. It's worth a look:

Crescent City Harbor
"We had the truck running in case it overtopped the bank," the person who uploaded the video -- handle of ryanengr -- said. "The water rise was not as fast as the video portrays. It is sped up to show the height differential." He said the video is six times the normal speed.

What's incredible is what you don't see: The mass destruction in the harbor caused by the tsunami. Devastating. See The Oregonian photo at right.

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  1. This very trumanic happening to everyone. As well for me. I dont want to remmeber this again. Anyway, I like the way you tell the exact happening, in detailed.


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