Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Woman attacks men with a fish, dog rescued on iceberg and other Call of the Wild headlines

"Hey, I was here first!"

Woman attacks men with a fish while ice fishing
Two ice fishermen were attacked by an angry woman who used a fish as the weapon. According to The Muskegon (Mich.) Chronicle, two men in their early 20s were ice fishing in a shanty when a 29-year-old woman approached them and told them to turn their backs because she had to urinate on the ice. When they did, she whacked one of them over the head with a fish and then the other in the face with the fish. The woman later told police she was upset “because the other men put their shanty too close to her shanty.” Michigan Live

Dog rescued from an ice floe 18 miles out to sea
The BBC has the incredible story about a dog that was stranded on an ice floe that was swept out to sea. A polish boat happened by and rescued the pooch in the Baltic Sea some 18 miles from land. The BBC reports that the dog was adopted by his rescuers and lives on the rescuing ship, going by the name of Baltic. See the story below. BBC

Teens went to prison to poach a deer
Three teenagers were arrested for shooting a deer in a rye field on state prison property in Union County, Florida. The Ledger reported that one of the teens was just in court on two counts of taking deer out of season and sentenced to one year probation and a three-year suspension from hunting. Now he’s looking at charges of introduction of firearms on prison property, a second-degree felony, along with taking deer out of season, hunting in a closed wildlife management area and violation of probation. He was in jail without bond -- or a brain. The Ledger

Bear hibernates in unusual place
It might have been this bear.
You always thought bears found a nice, natural enclosure under an uprooted tree -- or some such thing -- to hibernate each winter. Well, one bear found an ideal spot: In the crawl space of a Boulder, Colo., cottage. A plumber checking on frozen pipes discovered the comfy creature. The bear wasn't about to budge, apparently, until state wildlife officials blasted country music into the crawlspace. The bear was gone the next day. Apparently it was not a fan of Taylor Swift. UPI

Frivolous lawsuits? How about the one by the Polish hunter 
A hunter in Poland went to Zimbabwe to shoot an elephant, enlisting a German-based travel company to set it up for him. He went but saw no elephants. He was furious. The tour company which organizes hunting expeditions insisted elephants were in that area and stated "From what I know, (the hunter) should have seen elephant excrement there," the Rzczpospolita daily reported. The hunter sued for $130,000, even though the company arranged a second trip for the man, who ended up getting his elephant. Reuters

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