Friday, February 18, 2011

Sinking sailboat isn't really a sinking sailboat

Is this man really sitting in a sinking sailboat waiting for help?

When is a sinking sailboat not a sinking sailboat? When the sinking sailboat is actually a, uh, well, a sailboat that only looks like it's sinking.

So no, in the photo above, French sculptor Julien Berthier isn't sitting on a sinking sailboat in the middle of the ocean looking for someone to rescue him. He's just out for a pleasure cruise aboard his creation called the Love-Love.

And nothing says love more than a sinking sailboat that isn't sinking.

Berthier describes it on his website: "Love-love is a permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object."

The other day, Yahoo's Upshot called it the Love Love Boat, a 21-foot sculpture that looks just like a capsizing boat. According to Yahoo's account, the sculpure/sinking sailboat looks so real that many boaters have stopped to assist him. One can envision the looks on the faces of would-be rescuers.

Oh yes, the boat really is seaworthy, with an onboard motor. He's even crossed the English Channel and toured around Europe in it.

Berthier told Yahoo that he isn't trying to trick the authorities, adding, "There was a misunderstanding like if I had made this piece to have coast guards run to help me even though there was no reason to. It is important to say that coast guards and harbor masters have always been warned and that the piece is not at all about crying wolf."

Well that's nice.

Unfortunately, why he built it is a mystery. Could it be that he is just trying to get attention? Naw, this video proves that isn't the case. Judge for yourself:

So, the moral to the story? Love means never having to say your sailboat is sinking.

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  1. Oh artists... You make this world so much more liveable. :)


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