Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shark attack on marlin caught on underwater video

The assignment was simple: Capture underwater video of a striped marlin being caught, tagged and safely released by New South Wales fisheries officials.

Unfortunately -- or fortunately, depending on your point of view -- an unwanted guest crashed the festivities and attacked the star of the show.

And Australian photographer Al McGlashan captured it all on video.

As reported exclusively on, a 10-foot mako shark tore past McGlashan from below and ripped into the tail section of the striped marlin, as officials held the marlin's bill and readied to release the fish. The marlin was a sitting duck and the mako took advantage.

See for yourself as nature unfolds, with a little help from above:

As blood clouded the water, McGlashan decided he'd better remove himself from the dangerous situation. He swam to the boat and was helped onto the deck. But not before collecting some of the most dynamic underwater video you'll ever see.

The incident off Port Stephens, Australia, earlier this month can also be viewed via photographs on Incredible.

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