Friday, January 21, 2011

Ski Tibet video offers quick glimpse of culture, adventure

If you have about three minutes to kill, you could do worse than checking out this short skiing video called "Ski Tibet." It's a story about four skiers traveling half-way around the world to attempt a first ski descent of Shishapangma in Tibet.

It probably says more about the culture of the region than skiing the 14th-highest mountain in the world, at 26,292 feet.

Ski Tibet, created by Mark Fisher, Andy Tankersely and Eric Daft, offers a quick glimpse of Tibet filmed in this-ought-to-be-shown-at-a-film-festival quality. So much time was put into the short version, we assume there is also a long version. Still, much is said in the short version. 

See for yourself:

Thanks to Adventure World Magazine for the tip.

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  1. Now this is what I call adventure! Congratulations to the Ski Tibet team for being able to ski on the 14th tallest mountain in the world. What's your next adventure?

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  2. The main summit of Shisha Pangma has been skied from the main summit already in the 1980s, including Giorgio Daidolas 1988 descent on skinny telemark skis and leather boots. This is common knowledge and reported in the 1989 AAJ. How is it possible to claim a first descent?

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