Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fishing from a cliff: From the Best of the Web File

It wasn't just posted on the Internet, but who cares? Today, we delve into the Best of the Web File, Fishing Division:

Someone once tried fishing off the back of a cruise ship, or so the story goes. It was never confirmed, though if it did actually happen, you'd probably put it into the "extreme fishing" category. Or, perhaps, the "extremely stupid" category.

This video from a couple years ago would no doubt belong to the latter. Ah, but this silly gentleman fishing off a cliff in Dalian, China, entertains us. Check him out:

Look close and you might actually see a fish at the end of his line (unless that's seaweed or his bait).

So, what do you think? Was he serious or just pulling one over on the tourists? Before you judge, however, take a look at this and then decide.

Thanks to AnglerWise.com for the tip.

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