Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Actor Michael Keaton goes fishing and takes a dip

Why actor Michael Keaton ends up in the water hugging an 80-pound tarpon near the boat, we can only guess.

Might it be a re-creation of the "American Sportsman" episode from the 1970s, the one in which Terry Bradshaw loses his fishing rod to a tarpon and dives in after it?

Curt Gowdy, the legendary host and sports broadcaster, said of that episode, which is shown in the IGFA Hall of Fame in Florida, "It's the only time I ever saw a fish catch a man."

Actually, it appears that Michael Keaton jumped into the water to get a photo taken with his catch for the cameras of the Outdoor Channel before it was released.

See if you agree. Check out the trailer for the new show on the Outdoor Channel called "Buccaneers and Bones," presented in partnership with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. The fishing show features a collection of celebrity anglers and is hosted by Tom Brokaw, who we believe is an accomplished fly-fisherman. Take a look:

Yes, Michael Keaton is the guest angler who battles -- excitedly, it appears -- with an 80-pound tarpon and presumably jumps into the water to get a close-up photo with the fish. "Buccaneers and Bones" debuted last week but the episode with Keaton fishing and taking a dip will air Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A description of this episode called Grey Ghosts (via the Outdoor Channel):
The team of anglers cast into the flats off the coast of Belize in pursuit of bonefish. Tom Brokaw and Bill Klyn casts from a boat, McGuane and Yvon Chouninard try their luck wading, and Michael Keaton and Lori-Ann Murphy use both methods.
01-07 at 6:00AM
01-07 at 7:00PM
01-08 at 1:00AM
01-08 at 2:00PM
01-09 at 8:30AM
We're assuming those are ET but check local listings. And be on the lookout for future episodes of "Buccaneers and Bones," which Outdoor Channel says will set out to "explore the the wonders of bone fishing through the eyes of [an] all-star cast who have each devoted a significant part of their lives to conservation causes."
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