Thursday, January 6, 2011

A 58-year-old woman is swimming from Mexico to Hawaii, and other Call of the Wild headlines

A 58-year-old woman is swimming from Mexico to Hawaii
Not all at once, however. Endurance athlete Jennifer Figge, 58, of Aspen, Colo., set off on Dec. 30 on a 3,000-mile swim that she figures to do in chunks, not continously. How many of those miles she will actually swim is anybody's guess, however. In 2009, she was criticized after it was erroneously reported that she swam the entire 2,500 miles across the Atlantic. Instead, she was in the water for 12 hours at a time, covering 25 miles in 20-foot waves during the day and resting at night, according to The Outside Blog. Still, that's pretty good, isn't it? For a Fifty-something-year-old? She is updating her progress at via SAT phone. The Outside Blog

When is taking shots on a golf course not OK?
When it's not with a golf club but rather with a shotgun. Such was the case of the deer hunter/golf-course maintenance worker in Michigan. The Associated Press reported that the Department of Natural Resources says a maintenance worker confessed that he was shooting deer at a golf course while sitting in a cart. Another boo-boo? The hunter admitted he shot the deer before running into town to get a hunting license. The DNR did not offer him a mulligan. The Republic

Deaf divers can communicate just fine underwater
By Googling the words "deaf" and "sailing," Wendy Dannels discovered Worldwide Dive and Sail, a company that has been organizing multi-day diving trips for the deaf since 2004. What a refreshing read called Deaf Divers Sign in the Soundless Depths, published recently in the New York Times. New York Times

Mammoth Mountain finished December with record snow
The popular ski resort in the Eastern Sierra of California enjoyed a boom in ski conditions in December with a resort-record (at least dating back to 1969) 209 inches or nearly 17 1/2 feet! The resort Tweeted on Monday Dec. 20:  "Wondering what 10-15 ft of snow since Friday looks like? Check out the gallery from today" It received up to 15 feet in four days! Mammoth Mountain

Sailing competitor collides with whale in round-the-world yacht race
Yachtsman Christophe Bullens was competing in the Velux 5 Oceans race, a round-the-world race in which not much went right for him, including crashing into a whale. "It was like a car crash," he said. He withdrew leaving only four competitors. The whole story can be found here: The Globe and Mail

Man attempts climbing Mount McKinley solo in January
ShiloTV reports that Lonnie Dupre of Minnesota is attempting to become the first person to complete a solo climb of Alaska's Mount Denali (aka McKinley) in the month of January, when conditions are the worst, with winds hitting over 100 mph. Of nine previous expeditions, only 16 people have made it to the top. ShiloTV

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