Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 10 Outdoors Blog Posts of the Year

Sure, we got a late start to 2010 here at Outdoors 720. But that isn't going to stop us from giving you a chance to revist our most popular outdoors blog posts of the year in the Great Outdoors. No, sir. We wouldn't deprive you of the opportunity to have a look back.  

Funny, fascinating, frightful. They're all here. Right this way...

Top 10 Outdoors Blog Posts of the Year:

1. Skateboarding in Afghanistan: The Paradise Within -- What a refreshing story going on in war-torn Afghanistan. Skateboarding is having a tremendous impact on the children, giving them hope at a place called Skateistan. The 8-minute documentary itself is worth the click.

2. Surfer breaks erroneous Guinness surfing record, or did he? -- Hilarious. A surfer mistakenly believes the Guinness World Record for continuous surfing is 24 hours. So he surfs for 26 hours. Only, the record was only 15 hours, if it was a record at all.

3. Red Sea shark attacks: One victim thought it was a dolphin -- A true-life "Jaws" drama going on in Egypt that you gotta see to believe.

4. Boys lost at sea for 50 days; you'll never guess why -- No, you'll never guess why three teens became lost at sea for so long north of Samoa. Or maybe you will.

5. Kayaker terrified by shark -- This one comes with the "Jaws" theme and underwater video. Incredible.

6. Wildlife rescue: Saving deer cost pair $90 apiece -- Heroes or dumb? An interesting take about the two guys who rescued a deer from an icy river.

Whale Wars: Godzilla
7. Whale Wars: Godzilla joins fight against Japanese whalers -- The popular Animal Planet reality TV show, "Whale Wars," is at it again with a new boat called Godzilla.

8. You won't guess what the Pope just blessed -- Here's a hint: It's done in the outdoors and is quite popular every winter.

9. Skateboarding speed record comes from corn -- No kidding. Corn. And a rep from Guinness World Records was there to prove it!

10. Angler catches world-record yellowfin tuna -- This is one, big tuna. Fishing fanatics or not, this is a must see.

And in case you missed it, here are the Great Outdoors Awards for 2010.

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