Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skateboarding speed record comes from corn

As you will see, one can go pretty fast while being towed on a skateboard made from a corn field.

A skateboard made from a corn field? Yes, I know, it sounds corny, but we'll get to that later.

First, the facts. Lane Segerstrom set the Guinness World Record for fastest speed on a towed skateboard by reaching a two-run average of 78.1 mph (he went 80.5 mph on the first run and 75.7 mph on the second), breaking the old mark of 74 mph by Danny Way for the MTV show "Rob Dyrdek's Fanstasy Factory" in November '08.

The record was set last week on a runway of a private airport in Fort Worth, Texas. Here's the video story from the Guinness World Record folks:

Now, about that skateboard.

It's made by stalk it (corn stalks, get it?; why it doesn't capitalize its name -- don't get it). Stalk it offers a full line of longboard skateboards for every level of longboard skateboarding enthusiast.

The wood is made of Corn Board, a green alternative for wood that is made of corn stover, otherwise known as the leaves and stalks from a corn harvest. The skateboard company is an arm of Corn Board Manufacturing, which offers other "green" wood products.

According to Guinness World Record official Amanda Mochan, who was there to certify the record, Lane was attempting the record to demonstrate the strength and resilience of stalk it skateboards. Lane just happens to be the CEO of Corn Board Manufacturing.

And now you know why Lane Segerstrom risked life and limb going more than 75 mph on a skateboard made from a corn field.

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  1. Wow. That guy is genius! Not only has he discovered the most green product on the planet during a time when "green" is HUGE, but he broke a world record to prove his product? Brilliance. I'm sold on corn board... I'll be buying a Stalk It board as soon as they are available.

  2. looks like a sick board to me.. dig the design!

  3. When I first time buy a Longboard I have nice small wheels and I thought that was cool with my board. But not , its make instability so I replace with a medium one and started feeling comfortable journey. Here some guideline for the beginner best longboards


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