Friday, December 17, 2010

Shark swims long distance, skydiving naked, snowy bike race and other Call of the Wild headline grabbers

A blue shark. Photo courtesy of NSW I&I via Fishing World
Shark swims long distance
The blue shark recaptured by a longliner off South Africa swam 5,837 miles since it was tagged and released off Southern Australia on May 20, 2005, Fishing World reported. That's more than the distance from Los Angeles to New York and back. But that's nothing. A great white shark, whose species enjoys the longest migratory range of any marine creature on record, once reportedly swam 12,427 miles from Dyer Island, South Africa, to Western Australia and back in just under nine months. Fishing World.

What a shark tag looks like.
Good news for surfers: Waves getting bigger
File this one under the Department of Global Warming: Boat captains guiding ships across the "Graveyard of the Pacific," the treacherous seas across the Columbia River bar spanning Washington and Oregon, confirm what marine scientists have just started to talk about, according to a Washington Post article. Ocean waves are becoming bigger and more powerful, and climate change could be the cause. Maybe we don't need the Kelly Slater Wave Company after all. Washington Post 

Skydiving naked isn't sexy, we're told
Italian skydiver and basejumper Roberta Mancino appeared on Conan O'Brien last week to reveal what everybody has been waiting years to know. Drum roll, please. Jumping out of a plane naked isn't that enjoyable. According to The Outside Blog, that's what the "world's sexiest skydiver" says, adding that every part of your body fluctuates in frantic waves while falling and it can actually hurt. Yet, Mancino has done it four times. Why? The Outside Blog

The Iditarod of Mountain Bike Racing
The Alaskan Sheep Mountain 150 bike race, a mini mountain-bike version of the Iditarod, was won Sunday night by Jeff Oatley of Fairbanks, who completed the 150 miles in 31 hours, 7 minutes, according to the Anchorage Daily News. Conditions were so extreme, about one-third of the field of 19 didn't finish and about half of those who did made a mid-race switch from the 150-mile race to the 100-miler, the Daily News reported. See cool photos hereAnchorage Daily News

Shark tank planned for Brooklyn
Recession? What recession? When it comes to sharks, money apparently is no object. The New York Aquarium announced Tuesday it will construct a $125 million building to house a greatly expanded shark tank, according to The Brooklyn Paper. The plan is to display seven species of sharks. The project is planned to be completed by 2015. The city has promised $49 million, but the aquarium will still need $76 million in donations to fully fund the project, the paper reports. Is Bill Gates a shark fan? The Brooklyn Paper

Once dead salmon species found alive
The black kokanee, pronounced extinct in 1940, has been rediscovered about 310 miles south of the species native lake in Lake Saiko, according to an AP report posted on Lake Saiko is known for its views of Mount Fuji, hot springs bathing and soon, perhaps, salmon fishing. MidCurrent

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