Monday, December 6, 2010

Shark attack? No, but kayaker gets quite the scare

Definitely NOT a basking shark!

We don’t know much about Eileen, yet we can assume that she is afraid of sharks. Any sharks. Even sharks that are harmless, like a plankton-eating basking shark.

But we’ll give Eileen this: When you’re on a kayak and you see this huge fish with a shark fin coming at you, and someone jokingly starts with the “Jaws” theme, yeah, many of you are probably going to scream like she did on this video.

Shark attack? More like a heart attack. For Eileen, anyway.

We believe Eileen is in the blue kayak with the paddle raised in the air as if she’s ready to attack the shark, harmless or not.

And the part in the underwater video of the shark opening its mouth wide? That’s how these types of sharks feed, filtering the plankton out of the water they suck in.

Incidentally, the basking shark is the second-largest living shark after the whale shark, so you can understand Eileen’s uneasiness. So scared was she you probably didn't hear her utter the words, "I think I'm going to need a bigger kayak!"

FYI: The video was posted on YouTube the other day by Great Outdoors Dublin, and Eileen is from Shearwater Sea Kayaking in Ireland, but that's all we know. Finally, a tip of the shark fin to for the tip.

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