Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rhinos Wave Charge turns into a kitesurfing snowfest

Rhinos Wave Charge 27th Nov 2010. from Rhinos Wave Charge on Vimeo.

Kitesurfing is considered an action sport, but last weekend's kitesurfing event off the Ireland coast could have been called an extreme sport. As in extreme temperatures. As in sub-freezing temperatures. As in three inches of snow.

The above video posted by Rhinos Wave Charge the other day said it was the coldest temperatures ever recorded in Ireland. Can't confirm that, but the country is definitely experiencing a big chill.

Also, not much was written about the 2010 Rhinos Wave Charge on the northern side of the Dingle Peninsula, though Surfer Today reported today that Mark Barry was the best rider of the year.

So we're guessing the Irishman won the event. Doesn't matter, the video offers a great compilation of kitesurfing photos and video worth seeing. Take a look as you sit around the fire -- and share with your friends!

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