Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maui shark-attack rescue on video

Not only do we now have the name of the victim in the shark attack off Maui on Sunday, we also have the video of the professional surfers making the rescue.

The 15-year-old bodyboarder who suffered injuries to his left leg and heel is Vaughn Stover, who was bitten by a shark estimated to be 8-10 feet, according to HawaiiNewsNow.

For more details about the attack, check out our earlier post here. And for the video, right this way...

(WARNING: Some parts are graphic, though it isn't too bad.)

The video, shot by Elliot Leboe, was posted today on YouTube.

Vaughn told HawaiiNewsNow that the bite left a 13-inch gash on his shin, and his foot looked like hamburger meat before doctors sewed him up.

From HawaiiNewsNow:
"I was about 10 or 15 feet in front of my friends when I looked over to them and a shark came out of the water and I felt it on my leg. So, I pulled my leg back and it bit down right on my heel," Stover said. "I freaked out and started paddling. My friends started paddling over to me trying to help me. He helped me calm down and everything. If it weren't for him, (the shark) probably would've come back because I was splashing pretty hard."

Vaughn's talking about his courageous friend Joe Manoia who helped him get in.

A couple of pro surfers [Kai Barger and Tanner Hendrickson] also towed Vaughn and used their leashes to make a tourniquet.
Vaughn also told HNN that once he's healed, he'll be back in the water.

Thanks to The Dorsal Fin for the tip!

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