Monday, November 15, 2010

Video: Big-wave surfers catch 50-foot waves off ... Ireland?

Ireland is known for Guinness, leprechuans, golf, fly-fishing, the Blarney Stone, Irish stew, Oscar Wilde, luck and eyes that smile. Who knew surfing was in the mix?

Surfing? In Ireland?

It’s true, and the waves in the frigid waters off some secret Irish location last week were enough to give Mavericks off the California coast a run for the money.

Waves reportedly reached 50-feet high, and the big-wave surfers were out in force to ride them, as the video news report from a few days ago shows. Take a look:

Apparently, they called the waves Prowlers -- or maybe that's the place. It's somewhere on the West Coast of Ireland. Anyway, very cool video of some very cold surfers.

A shout-out to Adventure Journal for the tip.

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