Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The next Tony Hawk is already soaring to new heights

Move over Tony Hawk. For that matter, you too, Shaun White. A new skateboard phenom is in town and he is heading for stardom at the ripe old age of ... 7!

That's right, Asher Bradshaw just celebrated his 7th birthday last week and already he has a full head of steam toward super stardom in the world of skateboarding.

After all, Milk Boss Industries, which produced the video below, is already putting together a feature-length documentary on the boarding prodigy. A tip of the skateboard to Wired.com for that.

Even if you're not an action-sports fan, you'll enjoy the cute factor of this video. It's a 6-year-old Asher performing like veterans such as Hawk and White at a Venice, Calif., skateboard park:

All Asher needs now is a nickname. Birdman and the Flying Tomato are taken.

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