Friday, February 25, 2011

Ice fishing for sharks: Inuits catch a monster fish

If someone told you that the Inuit people of the Arctic went ice fishing for sharks, you'd call him crazy.

Well, call me crazy, because the Inuit people of the Arctic really do go ice fishing for sharks -- big sharks -- and the BBC One has the video to prove it. Right this way...

The video comes from the BBC's program called "Human Planet Explorer" and was aired for the first time on Jan. 27, 2011.

This 13-foot, half-ton Greenland shark, a species native to Arctic waters, was pulled up with 2,600 feet of line. The narrator described it as twice the length of the Empire State Building. Incredible video, except maybe for the sound.

The dialogue between Amos and his son Karl-Frederick is not nearly as strong as their ability to pull in a 1,000-pound shark. Really, it sounds as if they're following the lines from a B Movie script.
"Boy, it's heavy."

"It's big."

"I've never seen a shark this big."

"What a shark!"

"It won't fit out of the hole."

"No, we'll have to cut it wider."
We're guessing -- and isn't it obvious? -- that this was a re-creation. Because the shark initially came up tail first, then, suddenly, they were pulling it up through the enlarged hole head first. How'd that happen? Not that it matters. The entertainment and educational value is well worth it, even though we're deprived about how they hooked the shark and fought it.

Still, the video really does give an interesting look into the lives of the Inuit people of Greenland. Incidentally, they use the shark meat to feed their dogs. This shark, the narrator says, will feed the dogs for two weeks.

After that, we're guessing the Inuits go ice fishing for sharks again, and probably are happy to settle for smaller ones.

Thanks, Moldy Chum!

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  2. Yeah, really heavy, and i think its nice for fishing not only for sharks. Really Nice Vids.

  3. I saw the movie maybe 2011?, once on TV. I think there's confusion editing the film. It seems to me a animal that large would have to be pulled in with a rope around the tail, not just a hook.

    Curiously they bury that meat because it contains a large amount of uric acid and must be "cured" before feeding it to the dogs - described in that video.

    The video also describes their harvesting small birds, packing them in a sealskin bag, burying that, and allowing it to "cure", before eating them - whole.


  4. That's a big fish indeed, and a rare looking shark. I guess ice sharks are look different than ocean sharks.

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